Get fresh young buds for your everyday tea routine. Our White Tea blend brings the finest minimally processed tea leaves right to your favorite cup!


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White Tea

100 Grams
  • Originated from Fujian Province, White Tea is known for its less oxidized and delicate texture. To make these, the leaves are harvested before the tea buds ripen and open. This leaves the white thread strands on them, which earns the blend its name; ‘white’.

    Consuming white tea comes with a long list of health benefits. Proven by studies, this tea variant works the best in improving immunity. It also works remarkably in lowering the cholesterol levels and blood pressure in the body. The tea also provides protection against Colon Cancer.

    White Tea is known for its subtle yet powerful flavor. Therefore, one should never pair these with food with an equally empowering flavor profile. You may serve these with mild cheeses, desserts, etc. If you like, these can also be consumed with white fishes, for example sea bass.