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Mix of citrusy lemongrass with spicy ginger and basil among others, blended to perfection! Our Simulate Tea is perfect for having a relaxing evening tea while reading a good book.


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100 Grams
  • Popular for its refreshing flavor, our Simulate tea is a unique blend of different herbs. It is made of Lemongrass, Ginger, Basil, Cinnamon, and Licorice. All these diverse ingredients bring a plethora of health benefits to you just in one cup of tea.

    This distinct blend is known to relieve the feeling of anxiety and reduce any kind of inflammation. It also helps in reducing bloating and pain, while encouraging better RBC growth in the body. These are also great for reducing cholesterol levels.

    Rejuvenating texture of this tea blend makes it perfect for morning or evening tea times. It can be served both hot and cold, based on the weather and season. This beverage can be enjoyed with various seafood cuisines and other meals along with desserts and dry fruits.

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