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Complete your regal tea collection with our flavor-filled Silver Needle tea! Its fruity and floral taste will surely win over your heart in a jiffy.


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Silver Needles

50 Grams
  • Silver Needle originated from China, which makes it a classic tea blend. Over the years, because of its unique flavor, it has become popular in different countries all over the world. Its smooth and light texture will surely leave you relaxed.

    There are numerous health advantages of drinking white tea. Some of it includes it being a great option for building immunity, improving heart health, better digestion, and more. It is also the perfect drink for people following weight loss routines.

    The sweet and delicate flavor of our Silver Needle tea makes it the perfect to be served with fresh and soft cheese. You may also add a slice of pound cake or shortbread on the sides. Or the best way to enjoy this white tea is all by itself! If you prefer, you don’t need to eat anything with it.

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