Showcasing the perfect blend of teas, try our delicious Oolong Tea! Offering multiple health benefits, this tea will become your go-to blend for everyday routine.


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Oolong Tea

100 Grams
  • Initially, Oolong Tea was known as the conventional Chinese tea. Being made from the same plant as black or green tea, this variant is processed differently. Oolong is the tea type that falls between the former options. Hence, it is partially oxidized.

    This tea is packed with minerals, antioxidants, and minerals, making it a healthier beverage option. Drinking this helps in reducing diabetes and it also rejuvenates heart health. It is also a great tea for you if you are planning on following a new weight loss regime.

    Our Oolong Tea is known for its musky, smoky, and intricate flavor. This makes it a great beverage to be served with smoked meats and cheese. You can also eat these with desserts, fruits, etc.