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Add a flavorful blast to your morning tea with our HandRolled Green Tea! This healthy speciality will make you lively and energized for the day.


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HandRolled Green Tea

50 Grams
  • HandRolled Green Tea does not undergo any conventional fermentation and oxidation process during manufacturing. Rather it is left out for reducing the moisture levels. After which skilled female workers hand roll the leaves and its bud.

    Drinking black tea will help you in improving your concentration power, crediting to the high antioxidant levels. It is also a great beverage for heart, cancer, and stroke patients. People with poor bowel functioning should also give this a try.

    You can enjoy our HandRolled Green Tea with fresh Dark Chocolate; they are like soulmates. If you are a true sommelier, then try to infuse honey and dried flowers in your tea. It will surely win over your taste buds. You may use Clover, Lavender, or Holly Honey.

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